Monday, July 29, 2013

Freedom Blogger hehe..

Congratulations to all 12 of us who passed the fast and furious 8 weeks class! Even though class is over, I will still be on campus to print out visa papers that I have been filing, job applications, and requirements for Residency. I still have to apply for Residency coz' I got charged non-residency fee last time. I don't know why they are so strict with the requirements now. Hopefully I can get this fixed so I can enroll in Fall and my VA benefits to be worth it. Also my transcripts which was sent from my school to CSN, but they returned it to me opened! They said it was suppose to be evaluated by a Credential Agency, they should've not opened it if they knew it was from the Philippines. Now I have a grad issue on my record, I also got a charged a fee for enrolling into another summer class and they said I would automatically be withdrawn if I don't pay by the deadline, instead I got charged penalty and I had to withdraw myself. Why oh why?! Even though summer class is over, I still can't take a break, but now I have to cook more often for my brothers since I couldn't pay rent this month, I just actually cooked "Chicken Adobo" a flipino dish you guys should try it hehe.. Now me worrying about paying my next car bill, I have been trying to claim Unemployment for the past weeks, but I was disqualified for some reason and now I have to appeal.

On the other hand, I got a mail from United Blood Services and they're in the process of reviewing potential candidates, I will find out next week if I qualify. Thank you Mr. Wu for informing me of this job posting. I won't expect, but its worth a try :) Congrats again to all who passed and to the top-notchers in class, you guys deserve it! I wish I had focused on my final quiz since it was the final determiner, but still trying to fix my homepage links and doing A3 pushed me reviewing right before class. Now I learned to be more time disciplined, but I am happy to still achieve an A- even with all the forks in the road and more to come :o Thank you again Mr. Wu for all the extra time you spent helping us individually, you truely inspired us just like the teacher in "Freedom Writers" and that's because you love teaching :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Last Day of IS101

This is the last day of our class. IS101 has been one of my greatest challenge! We really had to put alot of time and effort into this class. I didn't expect we were going to do so much work, because I thought everything would be done in class but we actually had to do work at home too. Most of the time staying up late trying to catch up with assignments. When I took a hybrid class in history, we had to do so much and make sure you submit before deadlines, it was overwhelming. I told myself I won't take an online class again, but when I took IS101 it was kinda like the same hehe.. But you know, I don't regret it coz I know its all going to be worth it in the end. Mr. Wu you really challenged us, but I gained so much knowledge and skills with computers. I'm happy to have a slideshow and homepage of my own, and a professional resume to help me get my medical job. Thank you for everything, and to my fellow classmates as well. Hope to still see you guys around campus!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Long day Long class

Long day! Can't wait to sleep. I feel my eyes are soo tired. I only got 4 hours of sleep and I often get dry eye syndrome since I had Lasik surgery before. This morning I had to help my brother to his appointment on base. While I was waiting I was thinking if I did join the Airforce and especially when Corey did his presentation on his time abroad. Maybe I'll join even just the 4 year contract if I don't get my civilian job as a MT. Oh I also saw Red Cross and I'm going to volunteer soon to help out on the Carpenter 1 Fire, not only will I serve others but I can get my foot in the door. Anyways, we had our Quiz 5 today and its exactly what we learned from our textbook and SAM I just wished I did the BA8 Workbook Analysis to get the bonus questions.  Mr. Wu gave an idea of what the outcome of our grades would be so I hope I do good on Quiz 6 to get the grade I want. I will definitely do the BA9 Mail Merge Query Options. One more class to go! I'm pretty sure we're gonna stay late again at 10 pm or so.. Alright till last class, back to baking potatoes and chicken.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Baby Sitting

Yesterday my brother threw a house party. Of course before any visitors came, I cleaned up the house, sweeped, mopped, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. Then my brother's friend dropped off his 1 year old baby boy for me to baby sit. I enjoy baby sitting him coz he's soo cute! He's half filipino and black so his hair is all silky and curly hehe.. Every time I leave him a little bit he cries so while doing my A7 Mail Merge, I'm watching and waiting for him to sleep. His father said he would pick him up at 8 pm after the pictorial for their wedding, but they weren't able to pick him up until 1:30 am when the party was over. Everybody went to ETA Lounge after while I was still doing my assignment. It took me forever to do coz of all the distractions. Hopefully I can focus on the last week of class especially there's bonus assignments. Btw I also applied to the Phlebotomy opening at United Blood Services which Mr. Wu printed out. It doesn't require to submit a resume, but an application. I actually donated blood here before and inquired, good thing now they have an opening.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Assessment Test

I learned so much in IS101. I took an assessment test at AppleOne and the skills that I learned in class really helped! I took the following:

Microsoft Excel 2007
Microsoft Word 2007
Microsoft Windows XP
Data Entry 10 Key
Data Entry Alpha Numeric
Typing - General [3 Minutes]

Because I'm taking IS101, I scored good on the tests all above the global average and got 100% keystroke and field accuracy. My account executive was impressed, however when they tried calling me this morning my phone was dead. I had 3 voicemails from 3 different managers and emails too saying they're trying to get a hold of me, but when I called back it was already lunch time. They said its too late they already got someone else for the Customer Service Representative position and said they'll just let me know when something else comes up. Oh well! I don't like answering calls all day anways, just like my previous job at MGM. Speaking, I was getting other calls today, such as Lighthouse Recruiting hiring Medical Technologists who are willing to relocate in Texas, but I don't know how I'm going to start living there. Hmm.. I think I just wanna stay here in Vegas! hehe..

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Career Options

I have been trying to find a BIOL 189 class, a pre-requisite for Nursing, now that its posted all the lecture classes are full. Trying to get into the Nursing program is taking forever. I already took Anatomy & Physiology (BIOL 223), but I have to retake it coz its been 8 years. I have been stressing a little lately, because my parents are expecting from me. They have always made decisions for me like to pursue Medical Technology, but its so competitive. Now I have to make decisions and these are my options:

1. Pursue Nursing and forget about Medical Technology. I always wanted to take Nursing, but I feel all my MT accomplishments would be a waste such as my AMT certificate & NV State License.

2. Take Phlebotomy at Northwest Career College only 14 weeks to get my foot in the door quick. CSN's Phlebotomy program not until Spring. I inquired for Fall before, they said it was full and then I checked again now I missed the deadline.

3. Join the U.S. Air Force and become officer which is my AF brother's and parents' suggestion.

4. Take American Society of Clinical Pathology(ASCP) a State License as a Medical Technology in California. A better opportunity to work in California.

5. Pursue Medical Laboratory Assistant, but then its only offered once a year. I realized I won't be able to get all my pre-requisites done before deadline for Spring since not all classes are offered.

Any suggestions, recommendations or advice?

Even though I have a lot of options, I still won't give up on my job hunt for MT. I actually printed out my resume that Mr. Wu edited and going to fax it to Southern Hills, my friend referred me but I don't see the job posted on their website so I guess they're hiring only referrals. Although strong Blood Bank experience preferred, but who knows!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2nd Batch of Presentations

I enjoyed everybody's presentations in class today. They all did great! I felt like I was in my Public Speaking (COM101) class giving out an Informative Speech. I learned alot!

Like in Scuba diving, oxygen tank can last you a long time (Amber diving 1 hour 50 mins.) but I think that would be really tiring. I've always wanted to go Scuba diving. I've been to so many beaches in the Philippines and gone snorkling deep to see the the colorful fishes and picking out hard corals, but I don't think I would be able to dive with the sharks like Amber? hehe.. I'd rather swim with the dolphins at the Mirage dolphin habitat lol..

I also learned about relationships by Laura, the different perspectives of relationships with one's self, with God, husband and wife, and our peers. I like how she made us reflect by giving us a thought to ponder on, by rating from 1 to 10 with each perspective.

Rainbows by Gwynn, when I was little I always wondered why we could never reach the end of the rainbow which I always wanted to do hehe.. Now I know, you can only see it a from a certain arc or angle, but I hope to see a triple rainbow/anomolous bow someday!

Deaf Heroes by Laura, I learned the "I Love You" sign language and language which is 2 thumbs up! I learned the Alphabet sign language before, its a pretty fun thing to do. I was amazed by the deaf lifeguard
Leroy Colombo who saved 900 lives and is on Gennuiss World Records.

Flowers by Qutina, I loved all the beautiful flowers she chose for her presentation especially the Lilium, the images really made her slideshow stand out. I didn't know that some flowers such as the Lilium require refrigeration just to survive. I also loved the Love and Peace flower aka "Rosa balpeace", very beautiful it looked like it had a glowing effect.

Los Angeles by Qiyan, I learned that the Stars at the Hollywood Walk of Fame were made of Brass and that tickets to Disneyland are now expensive, because when Thai worked there like 5 years ago tickets were only half the price they are now.

After the presentations, I got really hungry! haha.. I forgot that I didn't eat, because I was so focused on following up my resumes on the new jobs and trying to enroll in Phlebotomy, but I missed the deadline to apply for the program in Fall. Grrr! Now I have to wait til next semester.

Not eating, I felt I was fasting for Ramadan like Saleh which is the First Day, but then I couldn't help drink alota water! He is doing alota sacrifice alright! Good thing there are exceptions to those who have conditions.

After Sunset, I ate my airhead that was in my bag for almost a month! haha.. Then picked up some super delicious Pho that a relative got from California. I posted a short blog right before midnight 11:59 lol and decided to update it whenever I really feel like blogging and here it is! =)